Apricorn Aegis Padlock, DataLocker DL3, Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Secure Drive, Rocstor Rocsafe MX

Not in the market for high-end hardware encryption, but still want to be protected from malware tampering? Kanguru recently launched its newest unencrypted version of an RSA-2048 Bit secure firmware USB flash drive called the Kanguru FlashTrust FlashTrust is the world’s first unencrypted USB drive with on-board secure firmware, offering organizations the same level of firmware protection used in our trusted hardware encrypted devices. Using the same principle, if a third-party hacker were to try to tamper with the USB drive to deliver malware to a network, it would simply shut down, as it is consistently verified through a self-test on start-up.

There are your options. One must consider the risks. Hopefully, a BSD/Linux with app isolation, a serial cable, and some Googling will do for you. Otherwise, there’s the firewall distro’s, diodes, sandboxes, and so on. You can choose the security and convenience tradeoff you want lock usb with the information I’ve given you. Just remember that each link in the chain must be secured. Primarily, the app/kernel on trusted machine receiving data, the data transmission medium, and extra requirement of ensuring no other mediums on trusted machine can be enabled.

Mobile professionals who frequently carry sensitive data on external hard drives need top-notch security, and the Lenovo delivers that in spades with the ThinkPad usb lock Hard Drive. The 320GB pocket drive offers 128-bit AES full disk encryption (FDE) that encompasses the entire drive, so any files copied onto it will be completely locked down in case of loss or theft.usb security monitor


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