After installing this software a password is necessary protect usb to unlock security and access data in USB flash drive.

usb protect Suite can also ‘vaccinate’ USB drives, so that they never get infected by viruses even if you connect them to an infected PC or device. If you need to know what activities, such as copy, rename, delete, happen on USB drives connected to your system (to see what other people and/or programs do), USB Security Suite is able to monitor and log them.

The difficulty of creating such a labeling system adds yet another hurdle to fixing the underlying issues that make BadUSB such a nasty problem. Those difficulties persuaded Nohl not to release the proof-of-concept code for his BadUSB attack when he demonstrated it at usb access control Black Hat, for fear it might be replicated by malicious hackers. But two independent researchers reverse-engineered the attack and published their own BadUSB code last month , in the interest of allowing further study of the problem and pressuring companies to fix it.usb security camera software


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